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Automatic Doors at Whistle Stop

The new Auto Door System at the Whistle Stop is designed to be used with the Auto Switches. Frequent manual opening of the doors will result in the doors becoming out of sync, shutting down the Auto System until the system can re-sync its self (which can take up to 20 minutes). I am requesting that everyone use the auto entry panels so the auto system does not shut down.

Thanks for your assistance!

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You should look into motion sensors like grocery stores that automatically open the doors from either side. This could help along with signage. I noticed the signs at the Depot but not at the WS. Bright and big font.


I agree with adding signage ON the door near the handles.


Re auto doors…Signage (something alarming) at the door might help infrequent visitors and guests.

Folks just “plow through“ at the Depot!

Replying to

Good idea.

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