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Your July 27, 2023 Co-Op Board Meeting Summary

New Business

  1. Golf Cart Driveway Repair - The driveway that runs adjacent to the cart barn an swimming pool is in need of repair where a 12x40 ft. section of the concrete has sunk and cracked resulting in a significant safety problem. This was caused by underground drainage off the Pro Shop roof washing out the foundation under the concrete. New drainage will be installed re-routing over the top of the concrete. Ron Hodges Concrete was approved to replace damaged area at a cost of $5,250.00

  2. Tree Removal - Maltbys Tree Service was approved to remove three trees on Lake Grassmere Ct. for $4,800.00.

  3. Brenda Broadway was approved to sit on the Events Committee

  4. Board approved to pay 50% of the Co-Op Insurance premium ($68,375.00) to Assured Partners Insurance. Due to the unfavorable insurance climate our insurance increased by 18%. Our Insurance Appraisal will be completed within the next two weeks. The last Appraisal was last done in 2019 and was strongly encouraged by our Insurance Broker to be done last year. Once completed the appraisal will be submitted to our Insurance Broker with hopes of some premium relief.

  5. Board approved that Property Manager Trudi Rock is authorized as a signatory to our Bank Accounts. Our check signing process requires two signature.

  6. The Board approved the purchase of a new Refrigerated Sandwich Prep Table for the restaurant ($2,507.01). It was determined not cost efficient to repair the older unit.

  7. The Whistle Stop and Community Room will be closed for the week of August 28th for a deep cleaning of floors and kitchen.

  8. The walk-in cooler repair was tabled as the invoice has not yet been received from vendor CES.

  9. Due to the breakdown of the walk-in cooler we rented a mobile cooler so no inventory was lost. The mobile unit was rented from CES for one week for $1078.89. Walk-in cooler has been repaired. Board approved paying invoice.

  10. Maintenance Agreement for Walk-in cooler - This was tabled as the quote included all refrigeration equipment. Due to the replacement cost of the walk-in cooler the Board wants to have a maintenance plan for the cooler only. We are also looking at having an alarm placed on the cooler to notify management if there is a shutdown of the unit. This would save all inventory in the cooler. Will be addressed at next meeting.

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