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Summary - June 22, 2023 Board of Directors Meeting

1. The fence installation along the southeast boundary of the property by the front gates was approved on February 16, 2023 for $10,365 (Rembrandt Fencing, Inc). The Board approved to have have the brush area along the property line removed ($3,550.00 Blue Skies vendor) so the fence would be visible to the Guard Shack and we would not be given up any of our property by having to move the fence outside the brush area. Work will be scheduled.

2. The following C0-Op Committees were approved.

Document and Review Committee (Chair - Mick Finn, Members- Ginger Harbin, Kemp Keegan, Sandra Negron, Maleta Snell, Phil Sommers.

Buildings & grounds Committee ( Chair - Kemp Keegan, Members - Cindy Edmonds, Ron Prium, Len Sapone, Maleta Snell, Jerry Weedle)

Finance Committee (Chair- Ricard brown, (Members- Kemp Keegan, Pat Longtin, Steven Robash, Maleta Snell, Betty Wert)

3. The Board approved to have the Pier at Lake Grassmere replaced by Secured Dock Builders for $28,640.00. The cost will come out of the Pire Reserve Budget Line which has approx.. $68,000. Work is being scheduled.

4. The Board approved to retain Attorney's Becker Law for 2023 ($250.00) as the Co_op Attorney.

5. The Board approved to pay Southeast Floors for the installation of carpet to the stairwell and second floor ($1,597.20). The original approved vendor by the previous Board, Brannigan Carpet, was unable to make their commitment to install the carpet. Our Attorney will be asked to send them a letter to refund our deposit minus the carpet purchase.

6. Board approved Co-Op President to become Safety Deposit Box signatory for Bank of America. The Safety Deposit Box was originally acquired in 2004. Since both current signatories for the Box are deceased the keys cannot be located. The Board also approved that the Co-Op President is authorized to have the Box opened and inventory all contents.

7. Board approved to share in the cost with the CA Board to purchase new Pallet Forks for the maintenance tractor. Our cost is $600.0.

8. The Board approved to have Sedgwick Valuation Services Division to conduct an Insurance Appraisal for the Co-Op buildings and Amenities for $1,250.00. The last Insurance appraisal was conducted in 2019.

9. The Board approved to pay Lake Doctors $2,122.55 to repair the fountain located on Hole 3 of the Golf Course. The fountain is utilized to mitigate algae growth in the pond.

10. In early 2023 the former Property Manager cancelled credit cards used by the Department managers. Our Treasurer Warren Scholl attained new Credit Cards through our bank at First National in Mount Dora. Our Property Manager Trudi Rock wrote a Credit Card Policy which strictly outlines the use of the cards. The Policy will be posted on the Website.

Meeting was Adjourned

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