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Summary - Co-Op Board meeting 9/28/2023

Discussion: Rules and Regulations Update.

The Documents and Review Committee completed the revisions of the Rules and Regulations and were sent to the Community Association for Review. The CA has reviewed the document and forwarded same to the Co-Op Board of Directors. President Snell said that before the Board meets to review the document the Community Attorney will review the Document. Once the Document is cleared by the Attorney the Co-Op Board will review the document and make any changes as needed.

No Unfinished Business

New Business;

  1. Clubhouse Ductwork Repair - The Board approved contractor CES to conduct the repair to the ductwork in the Clubhouse contingent on a 1 year warranty not mentioned in the quote. Cost of Repair $10,500.00

  2. TOPS Contract - The Board approved to continue the use of TOPS software at a $950.43 monthly fee. This program provides the property management capability that QuickBooks cannot support.

  3. SESAC Music License - The Board approved to acquire a music license from SESAC to avoid potential copyright violations. All Restaurants, Bars, Entertainment facilities are subject to fines for music copyright violations (This included mechanical music and live entertainment). The President said that there are three main licensing companies that represent the music artist and we may have to acquire additional licenses as needed. It is not clear if we had these licenses in the past. Cost per year - $2,733.00 (This Organization has been vetted by our Attorney)

  4. CenturyLink Past Due Bill - In June of 2022 the Co-Op switched phone vendors to Vonage following the changeover to VOIP technology. Our previous vendor for seven phone lines was CenturyLink. At the time of the switchover the CenturyLink account was not cancelled and subsequently charged us for the monthly service for several months. On September 13, 2023 we received a past due Bill for $4, 832.23. Our Property Manager, Trudi Rock, was able to negotiate a reduction in the bill to $2,390.62. These is also an outstanding bill for the Pro-Shop which we believe may be reduced to no charge. The Board approved to pay the $2,390.62 past due bill.

  5. Hole 12 Bathroom electrical Panel - The Golf course drinking fountains need to be replaced due to age. All fountains except the driving range have stopped working. In order to install anew fountain at the Hole 12 Bathroom (Block Building) the electrical panel for the structure needs to be repaired. The Board authorized Dan-Barr Inc. to repair the panel and pull the electrical permit for $2,160.00.

  6. 6. Share Purchase - The Board approve the sale of a share for 3413 Banbury (currently a leased property) for $27,000.

Meeting Adjourned

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