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Summary BOD Meeting May 25, 2023

Updated: May 28, 2023

  1. The Board voted to fill the current open Co-Op Board vacancies. The Nomination Committee presented Janice Jones, Ron Martin, Richard McIntyre, and Gary Shaffer. All four were passed and elected to the Co-Op Board of Directors

  2. The Board Approved to remove the partially constructed rooms in the Community Room. They were built without member authorization and in violation of State Statute

  3. The Board Approved the Cheney Foods Contract which was vetted by Association Attorney and modified.

  4. Trudi Rock was appointed as permanent Property Manager for Zellwood Station

  5. Board Accepted two resignations from the Co- Op Activities Committee

  6. Board approved Lori Roberts to the Co-Op Activities Committee

  7. Board ratified a previous vote to retain John Campion CPA as Chief Financial Officer

  8. Board approved James Malltby Tree and Outdoors Inc. to remove debris adjacent to RV Lot for $375.00 per 50 yd load.

  9. Board authorized the Documents and Review Committee. Any shareholder interested in serving on the committee must return an application to Trudi no later than June 15, 2023

  10. Board authorized the Co-Op Building and Grounds Committee. Any shareholder interested in serving on the committee must return an application to Trudi no later than June 15, 2023

  11. The Board Ratified a vote to sign an agreement with OMS Payroll & Human Resources to handle Co-Op payroll and employee benefits

  12. Board approved the 2022 past due payment (7/9/22) for Comprehensive Energy Services (HVAC Maintenance) for $1,152.00

  13. Board approved payment of $1,392.00 for bi-annual maintenance contract to Comprehensive Energy Services (HVAC Maintenance) 5/1/2023 - 04-30-2024.

  14. Board recinded the March 23, 2023 vote to pay Servpro down payment for $20,000 to come out of contingency fund.

  15. Board approved that the $20,000 down payment and final payment of $52,451.34 to Servpro be paid out of the Maintenance Reserve Fund

  16. Board Approved the removal of three trees on Olax Ct. which were struck by lighting to be completed by James Maltby Tree and Outdoors Inc. for $2,500.00

  17. Board Approved the installation of Carpet for the Whitehouse first floor to Southern Floors of Florida

  18. Board Approved Brightview Landscaping to remove 17 trees and grind down approxt. 36 stumps off the Golf Course for $8,190.00

  19. Board Accepted the Resignation of a volunteer off the Financial Committee effective immediately. Applications for any shareholder interested in applying must submit application by June 15, 2023 to Trudi.

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