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Incident at Guard Shack

Gran Moulder, Chair of the Safety Security Committee, has asked me to release information on an incident that occurred at the Guard Shack last evening at about 6:14 pm. Last evening a resident's relative was attempting to gain entry into the park. The person was on the family list to enter. During the process some confusion arose and the on-duty Security Guard became irate and a verbal altercation occurred. At no time did the altercation become physical. During the incident the Security Guard damaged the computer monitor in the Shack and continued to be verbally aggressive. Gran Moulder was notified of the incident at 6:15pm and immediately responded to the Guard Shack. Also at this time the Weiser Security Supervisor (David) was called at home and immediately spoke with the Security Guard and advised her she was terminated from her position (David responded to Zellwood Station to meet with Gran). The Security Guard then left Zellwood Station. The Orange County Sheriff's Office was called and responded to take a complaint from the victim. Any further action will be handled through The Sheriff's Office.

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Thanks for keeping the community aware of the incident. Transparency is appreciated.


Thanks for keeping us informed.


27 déc. 2023

Thank you for the information, much appreciated.

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