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Clubhouse Air Conditioning

Over the last several months we have noticed that the Community Room temperature has not been consistent and has been unable to reach the set temperature. The air conditioning units have been checked and are operating normally. On Thursday CES Air Conditioning examined the ductwork at our request. CES located a right angle section of ductwork that leads to the Community Room had a large hole and air was escaping into the ceiling reducing our efficiency to about 60%. The technicians also reported that there appeared to be other sections of ductwork that may be compromised and possibly could leak. Our ductwork is comprised of fiberglass sections. Over the past 25 years the fiberglass has weakened due to the heat and humidity in the ceiling. On Friday CES returned and placed a temporary patch on the section with the hole. This fix may help regulate the temperature in the Community Room or place more pressure on the compromised sections resulting in more leaks. We are monitoring the temperature and humidity in the Community Room. As of now the Board is looking at possible options for a permanent repair.

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