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August 24th Co-Op Board Meeting Summary

  1. Communications - Thursday Night Bingo. Beginning Thursday, September 8, 2023 the restaurant will be able to serve food in the community room during Bingo. This will include food and non-alcoholic Beverages. The same procedure to purchasing an alcoholic beverage exist. All alcoholic beverages must be purchased at the Bar (pursuant to State Statute). The Community room will be open at 5:00 pm.

  2. Pier Replacement Building Permit. We have applied for a Building Permit which is required to replace the Pier on Lake Grassmere. We are working with our vendor and Orange County Codes.

  3. Maintenance Agreement for Walk-in Coolers. The walk-in coolers are our most expensive asset in the kitchen. To insure longevity we have signed a Maintenance Agreement for $1,125.00 per year. This will include three annual inspections of the coolers. Since the contract begins August 1st our prorated cost is $561.00 for 2023. Director Ron Martin is conducting an assessment of all kitchen equipment so we can better plan future repair and replacement cost.

  4. Concrete repair to the golfcart driveway adjacent to the cart barn. The Board has hired C.F. Tuohey, General Contractor, to pull our building permit for the concrete work. They are responsible for drawings and completing application, Cost $925.00.

  5. Floor Scrubber - The Board approved the purchase of a new Floor battery operated scrubber for $9,528.00. This unit will allow our maintenance personnel to maintain our floors in the clubhouse on a monthly or more frequent basis. The condition of our floors have been intolerable. We obtained three quotes from outside vendors to and found the cost exceeds the cost of the new unit. It is important that if we are to reduce costs we must identify those projects that our maintenance personnel can complete if given the necessary tools. One final note the Community Association will be reimbursing the Co-Op 40% for the purchase. The true cost to the Co-Op is $5,717.10.

  6. During the Shutdown Week for Deep Cleaning the Board has hired Stanley Steamer to steam clean the room dividers between the community room and restaurant. $1,500.00

  7. Board approved Mick Finn to sit on the Strategic Planning Committee

  8. Emergency Purchase - 50" Beer Cooler - $2,464.41 from Webstaurant Store. Board Approved.

  9. The Board approved a 3 year lease extension and share purchase ($25,000).

  10. The rescinded the Shareholder Education Committee which had never been staffed. The Board is committed to looking at the concept and will recommend a plan to provide the community with information and education on Co-Op processes and Covenants

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