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We are meeting with OMS Payroll company (previous vendor). This is the first step to getting our employees back into the 401K program and providing accurate information on their benefits.

Vice-President Richard Brown has been working with Mike Wentz to get staff back into the Whitehouse. The next step is to move the multiple boxes of records to the new storage center. We have bids to insulate the attic as well as repairing the walls in the hallway. Mike is still considering having his staff do the work which would save us considerable costs. The upstairs carpet is scheduled to go in next week. Our IT vendor has a plan to start getting the work stations up and running next week. Richard’s goal is to start moving employees into the second floor in 2-3 weeks.

Will keep you advised as we move forward.

We have the Shedder vendor scheduled to be in Zellwood Station on May 12th. As soon as we receive confirmation on time I will post it.

Community Room storage rooms. The community vote was to begin on May 4th. The process was not implement by previous administration pursuant to a Board mandate passed on March 23rd. Unfortunately the vote will be delayed or other action may be considered by the Board.


Joseph Snell


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Yea, major progress!!!

Great job!


Thank you for the updates, much appreciated.


May 05, 2023

Thank you for the updates. Much appreciated and great job.


Linda Thompson
Linda Thompson
May 05, 2023

It’s about time this community gets back to being run like the multi-million dollar corporation that it is and not like Jethro’s Trailer Park. (No offense to Jethros intended.)


Can we really afford the 401 plan at this time. There has been no many turn overs in staff. I think we need to get more reliable people/staff members like Trudy and then reoffer the 401 if it's IN BUDGET.

Replying to

The 401 match was supposed to be given to employees but not dispersed to their accounts for months. Hope zellwood doesn’t have to pay penalties for this not being done on time

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