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Summary Co-Op Board Meeting April 25,2024

Maintenance Managers Report (Oscar Rivera) - The Maintenance Department has implemented an application Work Order Program to track work orders and produces monthly reports which will be posted on the Zellwood Station Website

New Business:

  1. Amend Item#4 from March 28, 2024 BOD Meeting(Purchase of Sprayer for Golf Course at $39,957.00) to include Reserve Account Number #369000-000

  2. Hole #12 Restroom Roof Replacement was given to West Orange Roofing for $3,50.00 includes permit.

  3. Additional Electrical Outlets for Whistle Stop Patio area. The current Patio outlets are hardwired to the outlets in the Lounge and Community Room. Circuit Breaker issues have been a significant problem for years, limiting the usage of the Patio area. Jimmy's Electrical Service, Inc was approved by the Board to install four additional outlets along the block wall which will be individually connected to a separate circuit breaker in the back room. Cost $2,500.00. The older outlets along the block wall will be capped off.

  4. Remove fallen dead tree that protrudes out onto the common area along Cayman Circle near the old satellite farm - Bid awarded to Clear View tree Service for $1,200.

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The Board of Directors wishes each of you a safe and Blessed Easter and may God Bless our Community during one of the Holiest Days of the year.

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