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Summary - BOD meeting February 22, 2024

Meeting called to order at 2:03 pm

Reports: Chris Scott from the Activities Committee stated that they are meeting with the Restaurant to be open on the First Sunday of each Month as well as special dinners on Holidays. A schedule will be coming out.

New Business:

  1. The new meat slicer for the restaurant was purchased and now in use

  2. Trudi spoke about the issue with 2449 Putter Rd. The owner was sent a certified letter to clean up the exterior of the premise or the Park will hire a vendor and charge back the cost to the owner. The owner has not responded to the letter and the Board voted to go ahead and hire a landscaper to clean-up the property. Director McIntyre stated that he is familiar with an individual who may be interested in purchasing the property. As things progress you will be updated

  3. The current contract with our IT vendor Cyber Security is to expire on May 1, 2024. In order to terminate the current contract requires that we give 60 days notice that we are not interested in renewing the current contract. The Board approved to send a letter to Cyber Security advising them we are renewing the current contract. We are in the process of soliciting new quotes from other IT companies including Cyber Security.

  4. The Board reappointed the Committee Chairpersons to serve for 2024.

  5. The President announced that Director Cindy Edmonds, Director Gary Shaffer, and Resident Mick Finn are to lead the Search Committee for the nominations of Shareholder Residents to the Community Association Board Annual Meeting in April. The Board approved the search committee selection. Any Shareholder interested in serving on the Community Association Board is to notify Director Cindy Edmonds.

  6. The President moved to have the have the Strategic Planning Committee be a joint committee with the Community Association. The CA Board has already approved this resolution. The Co-Op Board approved the request by the President

  7. Treasurer Warren School made a motion to have a policy implemented that will allow Department Managers to approve purchases of equipment up to $2,500.00 with the approval of the Property Manager. This will allow for services to be maintained without interruption waiting for Board Approval. Board Approved the request.

  8. Treasurer Warren Scholl made a motion to go back to cash at the Whistle Stop. He stated that the Executive Board will have until April 1, 2024 to develop an internal policy. If the Board cannot come to an agreement on the Policy the Residents will be notified as to the reasons. The Board voted and passed the motion.

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Thank you Warren and the board for at least re-evaluating having the restaurant take cash!!!!!!

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