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Good Monday Morning!

1. The handicap Door system is being installed at the Whistlestop as we speak. Thank you all for your patience..

2. The grills grease traps at the Whistlestop are being cleaned out today

3. The dangerous tree behind the homes on Cohen Dr. was taken down on Friday.

4. This morning Richard Jones and a Sheriff''s Deputy located the owner of the cattle and advised to try to keep them on his property. The cattle field is fenced except where the there is water. Due to dry conditions the creek is dry and the cattle have been crossing over. The farmer will be erecting a temporary fence.

Apparently the grass is greener on the other side!

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AC is working in the Community Room. 2. Please make sure your Landscaper is removing all debris and not dumping in the common areas. 3. The Co-Op is in the process of inventorying the RV Lot.

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Thank you for the update. Much appreciated Joe.


Thank you Joe for keeping us informed!


There were two trees that needed cut down. One of them had fallen and the other one is in front of Dennis Grimes house next to the road on Cohen. It is full of termites! Were they both cut down or only the one that had fallen?


Thank you for the update. Progress is being made!

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