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Summary of December 28, 2023 Co-Op Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at 2:05 pm

There was no unfinished business

New Business

  1. Shirley Wilberding was appointed as Counting Committee Chairperson for the February Annual Meeting

  2. The Board approved a new Recreational Facility User Agreement for outside person/organizations leasing the Community/Patio/Lounge at the Clubhouse. A committee was appointed to work with the Restaurant Manager and Assistant Manager to recommend user fees for leasing at the Clubhouse.

  3. The Board approved $1,012.00 to purchase new batteries for the Administrations Golf Cart

  4. The Board approved an increase of $1,300.00 to Ron Hodges Inc. for repair of the golf cart path due to additional erosion and damage found once the work began.

  5. The Board ratified the poll vote to purchase a new Ice machine for the restaurant for $3,329.00 (Foster) from Amazon. The old unit stopped working and repair would not guarantee that the unit would work. The current unit is 11 years old.

  6. Board Approved Shark Floor Covering to seal the kitchen floor in the kitchen at the clubhouse for $4,781.05. During a recent County Health Inspection we were advised that our floor needed to be sealed along with cleaning ceiling vents, replacing cutting boards. Vents were cleaned by Maintenance. The Clubhouse will be closed from January 1-8th for the sealing of the floors.

  7. Board approved $3,000 to hire a expert witness to assist our lawyers (Becker Law) during a Hearing to determine the reclassification of the Center Property. Since purchasing the Center Property we have been paying taxes to the county as it is zoned Residential. This year the taxes went up from $30,000 to $80,000. We are asking the County to reclassify the property to Common Property which would not incur a tax. The property is to remain forever wild.

  8. The Board approved to spend up to $14,800 to remove up to 25 trees from the Golf Course by Lady Maria Tree Service.

Meeting Adjourned

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