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Summary October 26th Board Meeting

Discussion: Mick Finn (Chair of the Finance Committee) reported that the CA Board had approved its 2024 Budget with no increase. Trudi Rock stated that the 2024 Co-Op Budget will mailed out to the residents on October 27th. There will be a FYI/Budget Presentation scheduled for November 27th at 6:30 pm in the Community Room. President Snell recognized the members of the Co-Op Financial Committee and stated their hard work has resulted in NO INCREASE in the 2024 Co-Op Assessment.

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday the November Board meeting has been re-scheduled to November 16, 2023 at 2:00 pm in the Community Room.

1. Minutes - the September 28th and 29th (Executive Board Minutes) were approved

2. Treasures Report - Full report given and copy will be placed in Shared Files

3. Trim Tree 2151 Canopy Circle - Noel Tree Service $750.00 (Approved)

4. Remove Sycamore Tree and Grind stump at 2524 Amyris Ct. -Noel Tree Service $1,300.00 (Approved)

5. Mortgage Repayment - Our Treasurer Warren Scholl, recommends to repay the loan for $110,000.00 back to the original Mortgage loan from 1st National Bank in Mount Dora. He described how we are paying interest on this loan for the term of the original refinanced loan for the center property. Repaying the loan back to the refinanced loan will save us thousands of dollars in interest over the term. He stated there is no reason to be financing a loan for emergencies when we could borrow the money later if needed. (Approved)

6. Electronic Voting - The issue to the Board was to approve Electronic Voting during the 2024 Elections. The cost is $750.00 annually or $350.00 per voting session. The President was unable to get a motion from the floor and the issues was defeated.

7. Donna Hitchcock was approved as a member to the Golf Committee

8. The Board approved to purchase two Bottle Filler Water Fountains for holes 7&15 on the Golf Course. The current fountains no longer function and will be removed. Cost for two is $2,499.98. Vendor is Amazon

8. The approval of the Revised Employee Handbook has been tabled to give the Board more time to review.

Meeting Adjourned.

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