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New Property Manager

Please Welcome our Trudi Rock as the new Acting Property Manager for Zellwood Station effective May 3, 2023.

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The Board of Directors wishes each of you a safe and Blessed Easter and may God Bless our Community during one of the Holiest Days of the year.


Trudi, thank God we finally have someone with some common sence and a real concern for Zellwood Station as a Park Manager. I wish you all the luck and support in thw world and would hope that if at all possible this appointment could be made permanent. My support for you is 100%


What does the position of Property Manager mean? Is it the same as Park Manager?


Congratulations Trudy! I'm so happy for you.


Chris Goeckel
Chris Goeckel
May 03, 2023

Congrats to Trudy and thanks to the new board recognizing the talent within!


If this isn’t just the best news I’ve heard in months. ZS is not “erased” after all! Go Trudi 💥

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