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Summary January 24th Co-Op Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting called to order at 2:00PM

  1. Tree Removal & Tree Trimming at 3205 Citrus Ln, 3881 Diamond Oak, 4114 Greenbluff Ct., 2688 Lake Grassmere Circle. Bid given to Noel's Tree Service Inc. for $2,600.00.

  2. French Drain Install for Back of Pro Shop. Maintenance Employee Oscar Rivera gave brief description as to problem and solution. Work will be done by Zellwood Station Maintenance. Total for parts is $832.24 (Vendor Amazon). Approved

  3. Pickleball Court repairs. Maintenance Employee Oscar Rivera gave brief description of repairs to Pickleball Court (New nets & wind breaks installed. Repair hardware on nets). Work to be completed by Zellwood Station Maintenance. Cost of Materials $1,675.68. Vendor Amazon. Approved

  4. 4. Purchase portable wash and disinfectant system for cleaning exterior of Whitehouse and kitchen. Cost $499.99, Vendor Amazon. Approved

  5. 5. Ratify Poll Vote for Share Purchase for $27,000.00 at 2005 Blossom Way. Approved

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